Sunday, April 29, 2012

And of Course...The Eagles

No trip to my mom's would be complete without a stop by the eagle's nest.  I think the commotion around them has died down a bit as I don't see nearly as much traffic now when I stop.
 Anyway, I got a treat yesterday as I saw both eagles in the nest.  I am guessing the eaglets will be hatching at some point.
 A slightly obscured shot of the pair.
 A better shot of one of them.
 A better shot of one of them and you can see the other peeking out from behind the branch.
And a parting shot as I headed back to Ypsilanti.

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ben said...

I couldn't find it listed anywhere, but I was wondering what license your photos are published under?

i.e. Would it be okay to use one of your photos on another site?