Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Time For Real...The Arthur Anderson

So probably my second favorite ship on the Great Lakes is the Arthur M. Anderson.  I've been waiting for the opportunity to get a shot of her this season.  When I saw that she would be heading downriver at about the time I would be passing by Detroit, I couldn't pass up that opportunity.  Especially given that I almost had the opportunity to get her last time I was on Belle Isle.
 Here she is coming downriver as the Algocanada is going upriver.
 One of the reasons why I like the Arhtur Anderson is because she has the distinction of being the last ship to contact the Edmund Fitzgerald.  I believe she was also part of the rescue effort.
 Even though she was lengthened, she still has the lines of a class lake freighter.
 I'm not sure about her self-unloader but I guess that it will work because it means she will be in service from a while.
 Since this is the first time I've shot a picture of her in a while, I wanted the straight on shot.
 I think I like this one a little better.
 Just a shot of her superstructure.
As she heads further downriver.

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Christopher List said...

You are correct. The Arthur M. Anderson was involved in the search for the Edmund Fitzgerald. Captain Cooper left the protection of Whitefish Bay and took the ship back into storm to look for the Fitzgerald.