Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some Shots from Around Hart Plaza

My boatwatching doesn't usually take me to Hart Plaza.  I generally prefer either Belle Isle or Riverside Park.  It is easier to find parking at either of those places plus I think the views are better there.  However, I will say that Hart Plaza is pretty nice for the most part.  There are park benches that line the river and there are many people so it feels safe.
 A shot of the Renaissance Center as I was leaving the parking structure.
 The Detroit Princess at her normal berth.  I may have to take a cruise on her one of these days but I think I would prefer the Diamond Jack cruises.
 One of the nice things about Hart Plaza is the shots you can get of Downtown.  While I prefer the shots I get from Belle Isle or Riverside Park, from here you can get details.  The building on the left is the 1 Woodward Building and it was designed by the designer of the World Trade Center.  In many ways it was a prototype for the World Trade Center.  The building in the back on the left is the Comerica Tower and the building in the front is the Coleman A. Young Building.  It houses the Detroit City Government.
 Another shot of the Detroit Princess.
 The Horace Dodge fountain.  In the summertime, you will see water running through this.
 Another shot of the buildings.
 And another of the fountain.
 Looking at the Ren Cen from another angle.
 The building on the left is the 150 Jefferson Building.  It is built around what used to be the financial district for Detroit.
 A shot of the 150 Jefferson Building and some of the buildings around it.
 A shot of the Ren Cen peeking behind some flowered trees.
 Another shot of the One Woodward building.
 Another shot of the Comerica Tower.
 Another shot of the Ren Cen.
 Some of the blossoms.
 A shot of the buildings through the trees.
 And a shot obscured by the trees.
 This is the Hart Plaza portion of the Riverwalk.  I think you can walk from the Ambassador Bridge all the way to Chene Park (and maybe a little further).
 Another shot of the Ren Cen.
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