Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Shots From Around Belle Isle

So as I said in my teaser post, I was on Belle Isle tonight to do a little shipwatching.  There was one ship that I really wanted to see and couple that I didn't mind since I was already down there.  As I was waiting for the ships, I decided to take some pictures.
 I'm not sure what kind of tree this, so I'm not sure what kind of floweres they are but I do like them.
 A shot of the Scott Fountain from where I was standing.
 Another branch on that tree.  I'm not sure why blogger does this but this should be oriented the other way.
 Another shot of the Scott Fountain.  I can't wait until the water is running from this.
 I think this is a ground hog but I'm not sure.
 Someone who likes Jesus.....
 ...and his father.
My travels also too me to the end of the island because I like view from there for downbound ships.

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