Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Lee Tregurtha....Again....

The next ship is no stranger to this blog.  Nor is she an unwelcome visitor to this blog.  She has appeared repeatedly on this blog and I will not hesitate to take pictures of her when I see her.  The funny part is, I checked the ais site before heading down to the island but I didn't notice that she was coming up river, so this was a pleasant surprise.
 Here is the blog entry with her history.  She definately has one of the more unique histories on the lakes given that she didn't even start on the lakes.  Nor did she start in her current configuration.
 She is certainly one of the more unique looking ships but I like her all the same.
 From this angle, you can see hints of her former ocean going past.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.
 Even closer yet.
 One of my favorite angles for ships.
 She definately has a distinctive looking bow.
 Her deckhouse.
 She is heading upriver somewhere.
And one last parting shot before she heads around the bend.

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