Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shots from Riverside Park

Before I went up to my mom's yesterday, I saw that there were a handful of ships coming down the Detroit River so I headed over there before heading up to Bay City.   Especially since one of the ships would be new to this blog, another is one that I keep getting shots of her stern and the other is my favorite ship.

I figured I would start at Riverside Park, that is until I saw the cement blocks in front of the parking lot.  I recall reading somewhere that they were planning on closing it because of some soil contamination and this was the clearest indication this was going to happen.  I would have stayed there for my boatwatching but I've made enough unsolicited donations to the City of Detroit recently.
I did however stay long enough to get a couple pictures of the steel mill and a couple ships parked in front of it.  This one would be the Philip Clarke.  She's appeared on this blog before, so I'm not going to go into details on her.  Although it was shame I couldn't stay on the River longer than I did because I could have gotten pictures of her in motion.
If I had gotten to the River about a half hour or so earlier, I could have seen the John Munson coming downbound.  I mistimed her on the ais site.
Here is an overall shot of the steel mill.

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