Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eastern Michigan Spring Football Game

So I ended up going to the Eastern Michigan Spring Football game today.  Well it was more or less a scrimmage/practice but they played in front of the public.  I've never actually gone to a spring game before and I'll have to say it was pretty interesting.  From my vantage point, I got a view of football that I wouldn't normally get.
 For a while, I didn't think I was going to go because there were storm clouds brewing and it looked like it might rain.  It did rain right before the game but cleared up nicely during the game.  Still, I kind of liked this shot.
 I'm not going to attempt to name the players.  I don't think I'll see some of these players in the fall.
 One of the receivers making a catch during the catch drills.  My goal is to get one of these in a game situation.
 One of the players running after a catch.
 I think this is the third string quarterback passing.
 Even Swoop made an appearance.
 Javonti Green during the "game".  Basically they separated into the defense and the offense.  The defense would score a point if they stopped the offense and the offense would score if they got a touchdown.  It was mostly a chance to see the team play and a chance to see some players that don't get many appearances during the season.
 Coach English either yelling or encouraging his players.  It seemed like there were some areas that the team needed some work on.
 Alex Gillett running with the ball.  From what I saw, it looked like he was moving the ball pretty well.
 I don't think this is Garrett Hoskins as he was a senior this year but whoever it was, he looked pretty good.
 Gillett setting up for a pass.
 For this, I tried a different angle.  I kind of like it even though the players are blurry.  Almost reminds me of a tilt shift picture.
 I think this is Ryan Brumfield.  He is a Sophomore running back.  Given that the triple threat from last year were all juniors, he will probably sit another year.
 One of my favorite football shots.
 I took this shot because the player kind of looks like, "What?"
 One of the EMU running backs punching it through.  The run game looked pretty good.  I think the passing game needs some work though.
Another shot of Coach English.  I am really starting to like him.  It seems like he is getting the team to have the right attitude.  I also thing that the team is primed for a MAC run next year.  They came so close this year.

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