Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few Shots of Detroit

Since I was in places I don't normally go, I figured I would get some different shots of the Detroit Skyline.  Well, mostly the Ren Cen but pretty close.
 This is looking down the street that is in front of Chene Park.  I thought it made a nice view of the Ren Cen.
 Looking at the Comerica Building from Chene Park.
 Since there wasn't any traffic, I thought I would get a shot with some leading lines in it.  What do you think?
 Looking at the skyline from Milliken Park.  I kind of like the contrast of marina against the city.
 As I was walking towards the River, I looked in the direction of the skyline and had to get this shot.  I kind of like how it is framed by the trees.  It almost looks like they were cut for this view.
 The top of the Ren Cen peeking out over the trees.
 Another shot from Milliken Park.
 More of the skyline from Milliken Park.
For this shot, I was trying to get some of the lines to lead into the shot of the skyline.  Unfortunately, there was some trash in the spot I really wanted to use, so I settled for this one.  Although the lines do kind of feed towards the Ren Cen.

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