Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Fowl Evening at Gallup Park

So I decided to meet a friend and his kids at Gallup Park tonight since it was a nice sunny night.  I really like taking pictures there because of all the birds that hang out there.  I kind of wish there was an eagle that hung out there but oh well.  I have seen some turkey buzzards on occasion.
 There are lots of Canada geese that hang out there.
 I think my favorite are the mallards.  They are definately the coolest looking birds.
 Another shot of a goose.
 Probably the prettiest birds that hang out there are the swans.
 A closeup of the swan.
 Another shot of the swan's head.
 Another mallard.  I kind of like the reflection in the water.
 A different shot of the mallard.
 Another shot of a swan.
 I kind of liked the look of the purple trees reflecting in the Huron River.  I thought it made for a nice peaceful picture.  It would have been a more peaceful picture with a barn though.
A nice shot from across the pond.  I kind of like the look of the spring trees.  Almost reminds me of fall.

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Matthew B. Gordon said...

Actually, I have seen an eagle at Gallup. He hangs out along the narrow part of the river, east of the fishing pond. Unfortunately, the times I saw him, I was using a wide angle lens... Nice pics.