Monday, April 16, 2012

A Message from the Westcott

A lone picture of the Westcott can mean only one thing...I reach into the comments and try to answer them.  Or something to that effect.
But before I do, a bit of a shout out.  A couple weeks ago, I made this post.  In it I asked people to identify the ship.  Two people answered the challege and were correct.  First was my dad but I think he may have had inside information.  Second was the author of tugboathunter.  If you haven't done so before, check out his blog, it has some pretty good stuff on it.

And now the questions....

One reader asked me what kind of camera I use.
I used a Canon 50D which is one of the mid-level SLR cameras.  I really like the camera and I am learned more about it as I go along.  For it, I only have the lens that came with it, a cheap 75 to 300mm and a 175 to 500 mm lens.  One of the things about shooting basketball is that I really need to upgrade my lenses.  The camera is fine but I need lenses with higher f-stops.

Thank you to the readers that have helped with identifying birds or flowers.  I like taking pictures of both but I do not know much about either.  As I do this blog more often, I will learn more I suppose.

The Livingstone Lighthouse drew a comment.
I did not realize it was the only lighthouse in the United States made of marble.

Another comment asked if I've been on the Valley Camp.
No, but I am working on it.  I have been on the freighter in Toledo though and one of these days I will wander over to Cleveland to get on the freighter there.  I would like to get on the Valley Camp but my dream is to get on one of the current ones running.  I would prefer the Blough but I will take anything right now.

Another reader asked me about the panoramic shots from the Soo.
Yes, those pictures are stitched.  And unfortunately, those are pictures that show the limitations of the photo-stitch program.  They end up looking like a Mobius ship.

Another reader mentioned a Lego Stewart Cort ship.
That was pretty cool.  Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of talent.  Although, I would love to build a model of a lake freighter one of these days.

One more reader asked about the Michigan Hat.
No, I still have my Michigan hat but if I had gone down to Detroit tonight, I'm afraid that the Detroit River would have dined on another Block M hat.

Quite a few readers want me to check their porn sites and were nice enough to include links.
Um no.  Although I guess with the other readers mentioning viagra...Hmm.

Well on that note, this concludes another group of messages from the Westcott.  Keep the comments coming...I have plenty of pictures of the Westcott.

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Isaac said...

Thanks, Ken! I pride myself on my long-range ship ID skills.