Saturday, April 14, 2012

Still Raining with the Manitowoc

So next up was the Manitowoc.  Although not quite in order as there was one more ship that was docked.  I'll get to her in a bit.  The Manitowoc is a repeat customer on this blog.  I have seen her in Bay City, up near Port Huron and on the Detroit River.
 It seemed like she was taking forever to get up the river, so I checked the ais site and saw why.  She was only moving at 3 knots at one point.  Normally I wouldn't care but it was rainy and wet but I figured I would wait.
 She slowly moves up the river.  Well almost creeps up the river.
 I thought she was cranking up her diesels in this picture but
 Still inching along....
 And then I see why, she was waiting for the next ship to clear the dock.
 A cloud of diesel smoke as she pulls into dock.
Here she would stay for a while.

I almost gave up on the Manitowoc, I'm glad I didn't.

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