Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Algoma Transport

First up for the evening is the Algoma Transport.  She is making her first appearance on Michigan Exposures, so welcome aboard.  She is not to be confused with the Algoma Transfer though.
 The Algoma Transport was born as the Canadian Transport at the Port Weller Docks for the Upper Lakes Group.  She was born in 1979.
 She is powered by twin 8 cylinder diesel engines for a total rating of almost 10,000 horsepower.  This gives her a rated speed of 13 knots.  She is also equipped with a 1,000 horsepower bow thruster.
 She can carry a little over 35,000 tons of cargo and is 730 feet long (so she can get through the Welland Canal). 
 She has a sister ship, the Canadian Enterprise (now Algoma Enterprise).  (Note:  Not two as originally stated)  All three ships were born as a result of a long term agreement between Upper Lakes and Ontario Hydro.
 Her main cargo is coal. 
 Last year, she and her sisters were sold to Algoma Central and were renamed to their respective Algoma names.  Her former company plied the lakes for 80 years.
 I'm still not a fan of the pilothouse in the back arrangement though.
 A closeup shot of her bridge.
 And her twin stacks.
 Here she is heading down river.
 She is getting a little further down river.
 To the left is the next shp on the list.
And one last shot of her as she heads somewhere.


Isaac said...

Olympic is not a twin. Only Transport and Enterprise. Olympic is closer to Algoma Progress.

Mikoyan said...

Looking back at where I got the information, I see that I misread the sentence. Thanks.