Friday, April 13, 2012

Creatures Most Fowl....

I was seriously thinking about heading down to Detroit tonight because it looked like there were a couple ships heading down but I wasn't sure about timing so I decided to go to Gallup Park instead.  I figured I could get some bird pictures.
 Well this isn't a fowl creature.  Just a robin.
 A Canada goose looking at me.  I think he thought I ws going to be like others and feed him.
 I kind of like the reflection in this one.
 A goose.
 And of course, one of the swans.
 A Mallard.
 And a female mallard.  I kind of like the reflection in this one too.  Looks almost abstract.
 Another swan.  I do like swans but I'm not so sure they like me.
And one last shot of a goose.

As I wandered around the park, it looked like they were setting up lanes for a rowing event.  I overheard the guy talking to someone else and it sounds like the event is tomorrow afternoon.  Oh well.  One of these days, I'd like to see a rowing race.

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Isaac said...

Book Signing is in Port Huron tomorrow, but I can't make it. Plus I already have an autographed copy of KYS '12.