Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Presque Isle....Finally

This is a ship that has appeared a couple times before on this blog.  The first time she appeared here, I got a shot of her stern but I wasn't in a good position to get much else of her.  The second time, I chose poorly in where to go, so I got a shot of her as she was going further downriver.  So finally, I got down to the river in time to get a nice series of shots of her.
 After I took the pictures of the Kaministiqua, I wasn't quite sure where the Presque Isle was, so I decided to head over to Hart Plaza.  Plus it would give me a different background for my ships.  Here she is as she is passing Belle Isle.
 From this angle, if you didn't know better, you would say that she is a proper ship and not a barge/tug combination.
 Actually, I think she is a pretty nice looking vessel.  The fact that her bow was built in my hometown adds to my admiration of her.
 Here she is getting a little further downriver.
 Almost passing by the Caesar's Casino in Windsor.
 The part that was built at Defoe Shipyards in Bay City, Michigan.
 A close up of her superstructure and boom assembly.
 A closeup of her superstructure.
 Another shot of her superstructure.
 As she starts to head down river.
 A closeup of her bridge.
 Another shot of her boom.
 The Ambassador Bridge in the background.
 The shot that I'm used to getting of her.
 Anotehr shot with the Ambassador Bridge.
As she passes the Detroit Princess.

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