Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bristol Bay Again....

Now I will admit that the Coast Guard gets pretty short shrift on this blog.  It is not because I don't admire them because I do admire the Coast Guard.  They do pretty awesome work given the way they are treated in Washington at times.  I usually don't see their vessels but when I do, I make it a point to take pictures and mention them here because they deserve it.
 The vessel that I saw was the Bristol Bay.  She has appeared on this blog before and consequently, I'm not going to go into detail on this post.  This was a picture I took from Belle Isle.  Unfortunately, I was shooting into the sun, so the picture is a little washed out.
 As I said in the other post, when she is equipped with the barge, she is doing work on the navigational aids in the area.  Without the barge, she can do icebreaking but I'm told not very well.  This was from Chene Park and the sun was at my back, so a more pronounce picture.
 Here's a shot of her bridge.
 A shot of her stack.  It almost reminds me of one of the shipping company stacks.  I believe she is normally docked near the building that used to be the lighthouse depot.
 After I took a couple of pictures from Chene Park, I headed over to Milliken State Park for other pictures.  I was able to get different angles from there.
 Another shot of her bridge.
 I tried to get a detailed shot of her barge.
 And the boat without the barge.
 Another angle for a shot of both of them.
 Sort of a closeup of the main ship.
 I wanted to get a little foreground in this shot.
And one last parting shot.

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