Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Brief Visit to Fostoria

After the pictures of the Birchglen, I continued on my way to Fostoria.  If I had been a little sooner, I could have gotten pictures of a train on the way into town.  There is a spot on the road I take into town where one set of tracks crosses over.  I think that would be the soonest I've seen a train upon arriving in Fostoria.
 It didn't take too long for me to catch my first train though.  This was a BNSF/NS train heading to the east.
 But I think the catch of the day was a train being pulled by six engines.  Last time I was down here, I saw one with five engines.  It's not normal to see this many engines in my neck of the woods.
 A closeup of one of the engines.
 As I spend more time here, I'm finding more places to get pictures.  This spot gave me a pretty good spot to get pictures of trains leaving the yard
 It also gave me a chance to get some up close shots.
 A shot of the cab.
 Sadly, I was shooting into the sun for this one, so it's not quite as good as I would like.
 A shot of the rear engine.
 This is probably my favorite spot because it gives me a pretty good head shot from two directions.  This train was heading to the north.
 And this one is heading to the south.
 The train shifts over a track.
 If there wasn't the curve in the track, this would be one of those pictures where someone would say, "And this was the last picture in his camera".  That is if they could recover the camera.
 I kind of like this angle.  Gives you an idea of the scale of the train.
 But I think I like this one a little more.
 One thing is that you pretty much see cars from each of the main raillines.
 And when you see this, stay on the other side of the gate.
 Another slogan of UP.
 Sometimes I like the graffiti.
 I think this is the first time I've seen a car completely covered.
 Troll guy is pretty cool.
 As I was taking the sunset pictures of the Birchglen, I noticed this guy starting to pass by.
Not the greatest picture, but it does give a sense of place.

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