Friday, December 26, 2014

A Final Farewell to an Old Lady

The Algoma Montrealais was on her downbound leg from Thunder Bay.  She is heading to Baie Comeau with a load of grain she picked up there.  This will be her final delivery and then she will be headed for the scrap heap.
I was hoping to catch her as she passed Belle Isle.  I like the angles there better but I couldn't get there soon enough.  I was able to catch her from Milliken though.
 Milliken is not bad for boatwatching but I think I like the Rocky Beach of Belle Isle better.
 She passes by the distillery and grain elevator.
 And then a spot where the background is relatively clear.
 This spot is a little better.
 A full beam shot.
Then I decided to head to one more spot to catch her but it didn't quite work out and she heads off into the sun.  I thought maybe I could catch her as she passed Bishop Park in Wyandotte but with all three bridges over the Rouge River out, that wasn't going to happen.

So once again, farewell to the Algoma Montrealais.  But the grain industry being what it is, she may have one more life in her but I doubt it.

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