Saturday, December 20, 2014

Durand by Daylight

Next I decided to head up to Owosso to catch another steam powered vehicle but before heading there, I decided to stop b Durand.
 I liked the look of this station at night and I figured that I wanted to catch it in the daylight.  It did not disappoint.
 I saw this last time but I didn't have the light to take a picture of it.
 The train station from another angle.  It is kind of cool that they still use it as an active station.  But I think there is only a westbound and eastbound Amtrak from here.
 As I was wandering around town because I saw a railyard and I was trying to find it.  Instead I stumbled across this old steam engine.  It used to belong to the Grand Trunk Western.
 It also looks like it could use a little love but I kind of liked it because it gave it character.
I was not happy about the fence around it though.  I guess I'll have to wander here again when I have a little time.

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