Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Capt. Henry Jackman on a Cold December Day

So yesterday I decided to go up to the Port Huron area for some boatwatching.  When I checked AIS before leaving, I saw that I would be able to catch at least three ships.  Lately that has been a pretty good day for me.
 The first ship I saw when I arrived in Port Huron was the Capt. Henry Jackman.  If I had been about 20 minutes sooner, I could have caught the H. Lee White but oh well. 
 She was heading up from the Rouge River, where I presume she was dropping off stone.
 She was heading up to Goderich.  I'm not sure if she was heading up there for layup or to pick up more cargo.  At any rate, she is in Goderich as I write this post.
 Next I headed up to the Blue Water Bridge in order to get the cooler shots that I can get there.  I can never pass up the head shot.
 And then of course, there are the shots where I can frame them with the Blue Water Bridge.
 She slowly works her way past the Bridge.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  Looking at her hull, it's hard to believe that she was freshly painted at the beginning of the season.
 At any rate, I think she's still a pretty nice looking ship.  I kind of liked the way the clouds looked yesterday.
 If you look at a couple of the rocks to the left, you will notice a little layer of ice.  It's starting to get cold again.  I just hope the ice isn't as bad as last year.
And she continues on her way into Lake Huron.

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