Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wandering Around Ypsilanti For a Bit

I saw that the East Bound Train would be passing through in less than an hour, so I decided to wander around Ypsilanti a little bit so that I could catch that one too.
 It was a pretty quiet day with everything closed for Christmas but it looked pretty cool all decorated up.
 I think Aubree's looked the best, they had garland in the windows and they even painted a couple of windows.
 I just love the colors on this side of the block though.
 A shot of Sidetrack and that block from the east.
 Imagine getting a real Hudson under your tree.  I guess I can never pass up on this shot when I am in Depot Town.
 Nor can I pass on the shot of the Hudson itself.  I think this shot works pretty well in black and white too.
 The Hudson sign itself.
 I kind of wish I would have been paying a little more attention when I took this shot.  It would have been cool if  I could have arranged the shot so it looked like the
 A shot of Aubree's with one of the Christmas decorations in it.
 Some of the windows were decorated for Christmas  I thought this one looked pretty cool.
 A shot of the other block.
 This is a restaurant in Depot Town.  They used to be on Washtenaw Avenue but ended up moving to Depot Town.  It is actually pretty good and I recommend it.
 A shot of the City Body sign.
 You used to see these signs everywhere and in fact, I used to have one.  They were for designated fallout shelters and I suppose at one time, these places had supplies and what not for the people that would use them in the event of a nuclear war.  With the Cold War a faded memory, I think these signs will be fewer and fewer.
 The New York Central Caboose.
 Another window display.
 A closeup of one of the items in that display.
 Another part of that display.  I kind of liked the way the ornament looked.
 Another window display.  I kind of liked how the other side of the street reflected in the window.
 The Depot Town clock.
 The window display in Aubrees.  They also had a Christmas Tree but I didn't like how my picture of it turned out.
 At one time, this restaurant used to be a Chinese Restaurant known as the Great Wall.  It was one of those hole in the wall type places that looked like it was one more health code violation from being shut down, but it was really good. 
 I'm not 100% certain of the status of this place.  It has been a used bookstore for a long time but recently it was shut down because of the excessive amount of clutter.  This was after a few warnings.  I'd imagine it's not going to come back as a bookstore, but you never know.
 There used to be a wall between this place and the store next door (unless I'm a little confused).  When I was in college, this used to be known as a place called the College Dog and was owned by a Chinese Woman.  They had the standard coney island fare and were pretty good.  I think she ended up retiring and there were a couple other coney places here.  Now it is a part of Jimmy John's.
 Looking down Cross Street.
 This used to be a party store known as "Liquor Is Quicker" and was owned by an old Arab guy.  They used to sell single cigarettes for 10 cents and I think they had quite a few selling liquor to minor violations.  At some point they went out of business.  It was converted to a Jimmy John's.
 This used to be known as Cross Street Station and was a bar/restaurant.  They used to have 25 cent tacos on Tuesdays along with fairly cheap margaritas.  They also used to have live entertainment.  They've been out of business for a while.  I'm not sure what is in here now.
 A mural on the side of Tom's Party Store.  This place has always had the same name for as long as I can remember.
 Ned's is another place that has had the same name and location for as long as I can remember.  They were the competitor to the University run bookstore in McKenny Union and were a little bit cheaper.  I occasionally used them when I was a student at Eastern.
 This used to be known as Theo Door's and was a bar/nightclub.  It remained so until a couple years ago when it became the Wurst Bar.  The food here is actually pretty good.
 This is another place that hasn't changed names since I was a student.  It is a restaurant and has really good food.
 Pease Auditorium.  They are celebrating their 100th Anniversary.
 Pierce Hall.  This is where I used to find out about Financial Aid and stuff.
 Boone Hall.  This is the home of the College of Education (or at least it used to be).
 Looking towards the Water Tower. 
 Looking up at the Water Tower.
 McKenny Hall.
 Welch Hall.
 The bust of General Dimitrius Ypsilanti.  He led the Greek Revolt against the Ottoman Empire and is who the town is named after.
 Another view of the Water Tower.
 Scherzer Hall.  I think this is probably my favorite building on campus.
 Starkweather Hall flanked by the Water Tower.
Starkweather Hall by itself.

I saw that it was getting pretty close for the next train to pass, so I headed back to Depot Town.

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