Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some Other Pictures

These were just some other pictures of the day.
 I saw this train station as I was heading into town.  As I was on a bit of a time crunch, I took pictures of it as I was leaving.
 Corunna, Michigan serves as the county seat for Shiawassee County.  This is the County Courthouse and it was built in 1903.  It still functions as the County Courthouse and recently saw some renovations.  In 1974, it was designated as a Michigan Historic Site and in 1982 was added to the Federal Registry of Historic Places.
 I think there is a memorial to the Civil War in every town in Michigan.
 Corunna was platted in 1837 and became the county seat in 1840.  It was incorporated as a village in 1858 and became a city in 1869.  Currently it is home to almost 3,500 people.
 It looks like most other downtowns in the Midwest.
 The First National Bank.
 And another angle of the County Courthouse.  For some reason, this reminds me of other courthouses that I have seen in the state.
 Then I decided to head over to Durand to get a glimpse of the train station there.  Currently, it houses the Michigan Rail Museum but it still serves as an active train station with the Blue Water service between Chicago and Port Huron.
 The station itself was built in 1905 after the prior one was destroyed by fire.  It was at the crossing of the Grand Trunk Western and Ann Arbor Railroads and as a consequence was pretty busy.  The station was closed in 1974 and bought by the city in 1979.  I'm not sure when it started service as an Amtrak Station but from the looks of it, I will have to come back and catch it in the daylight.
Durand itself was originally established as Vernon Center in 1836.  In 1887, it became Durand village was named after George Durand who served as a Congressman for nearby Flint, Michigan.  In 1932, it became a city.  The railroad still plays an active role in the town as it is along a main line for the CN railroad.  I kind of liked the looks of this clock tower.

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