Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Coppin State

Eastern Michigan was playing against Coppin State tonight.  I decided to head over there to get some pictures because I figured that it would be a good night to see some Eastern Michigan offense.  Coppin State had 1 win this year and Eastern is having one of their best years ever.  This is just a handful of pictures here...for more go to Eagle Totem.
 After a pretty slow start, Eastern woke up.  It was capped off by a Karrington Ward dunk.  He had a pretty good night.
 Raven Lee playing keep away.  He also had a pretty good night.
 Mike Talley getting ready to charge the basket.
 A shot of the stadium.  Despite this picture, there was a fairly decent crowd there.
 Raven Lee dishing the ball away.
Brandon Nazione taking a basket.

Eastern won 87 to 64.  They have one more game before the MAC season begins.  They look like they should be entering the MAC season in good shape.

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