Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Lovely Frontenac Comes Off Lake Huron

I make it no secret that I prefer the classic lakers to other ships.  There is just something about their looks because it seems like many of them were built in a time when looks were just as important as function.
 I think she was heading down from Thunder Bay, but I'm not sure since I can't track her back that far.  She is headed to Port Colborne which is at the Lake Erie side of the Welland Canal.  Again, I'm not sure if she is headed there for layup or other reasons.
 For this set of shots, I decided to get under the range lights because that gives me the best chance for headshots of downbound ships.
 I didn't stay there too long because sometimes I like the slight angle shots.
 She starts to pass by.
 And then she's framed by the Blue Water Bridge.
 An almost profile shot.  The ships move pretty close here, so it's kind of difficult to get a perfect profile.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  I love the fact that there are curves on the front of the ship.
 A shot of her stack.
 The Canadian flag flying in the breeze.  It actually wouldn't have been too bad if it weren't for the wind yesterday.
 And her stern.
 Next I decided to head down to Marysville to catch her one more time.  I saw that the Arthur M. Anderson was fuelling across the river from there, so I was hoping to catch her as she left.  I kind of like the vantage point in Marysville.  It gives you a nice clean shot.
And one more shot before she continues down the rest of the St. Clair River into Lake St. Clair.

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