Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And Yet I Still Got a Train

Originally I was planning to go to Fostoria because I was thinking I wanted to see trains.  But I decided to go for boats.
 Little did I realize, I would still see a train.
 Every so often, this train pays a visit to the paper mill to either delivery supplies or pick up products.  It actually makes for a nice picture because it is fairly unusual to see a train this close.
 I tried an angle where I had the moon in the shot.
 As it was getting light, the light was just about perfect but it made for pretty long shadows, as evidenced by mine in the picture.
 A shot of the cab.
 The long view of the train.
 This is a shot that I couldn't get in Fostoria, as the train was stopped.
 And the train started to back into the plant.
 If only there were a plane in this shot, I would have had my trifecta.
And one more shot.

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