Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Still Foggy...but the American Mariner Was a Little Clearer

I wasn't expecting to catch the next ship because she was fuelling when I first checked AIS but as the other ships were passing, she started to move.
 She left Lorain earlier, I think she would have been delivering iron ore there.  Then she stopped at Mistersky Fuel Docks to fuel up.  As I am typing this post, she is anchored off of Port Huron because there is a high winds advisory.  According to AIS, she is heading over to Burns Harbor, I'm not sure what she would be delivering from Lorain but still.
 She is similar to the ships I saw in Cleveland over the weekend.  In fact, I think she may call on Cleveland on occasion.
 It was still pretty foggy and rainy, but not too bad...
 or so I thought....
And one more shot as she continues on to Lake St Clair.

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