Monday, December 15, 2014

More Trains in Fostoria

As I said in the last post,  I decided to head down to Fostoria.  I was actually thinking of heading west of there towards Tiffin because someone pointed out a spot where I could get some cool pictures of trains.  Unfortunately, I wanted to get back to Toledo before dark because I was hoping to catch the Saginaw as she worked her way back up the Maumee River.  That didn't happen though.  At any rate....trains!
 I found a nice little spot where you can get some good angles on trains as they come in from the north.  I kind of like this shot with the lines leading into the train.
 I like this shot a little more though because it looks like I was in a little danger, but as you can see, the tracks angle away.
 The train safely moves away from me but I discovered another interesting thing....the grain cargo doesn't always make it all the way in the train.
 A shot of her cab as she pulls away.
 It was actually a pretty busy day yesterday, it wasn't long before another train appeared.
 I was using manual mode for this shot because the train lights mess with the light readings.
 Again, it pulls away.
 Nextup was a Union Pacific train hauling some reefer cars.
 Well, three engines.
 I kind of liked the killer trout.
 And Homer was pretty cool.
 I liked the continuation of the donut theme.
 I don't remember what this monster was.
But this monster is a BNSF engine.
 A pair of CSX engines.
And of course the sun came out as I was getting ready to leave.

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