Monday, December 22, 2014

The Day in Cleveland

So yesterday I decided to head over to Cleveland.  I was hoping to catch the Joseph L. Block there.  I've seen her a couple of times up at the Soo but she rarely calls on this neck of the woods.  I would have caught her in Port Huron or Detroit but she passed at night.
 I had the perfect spot to catch her because she would be passing through the breakwater near the old Coast Guard Station.  I'd have to say that this is a pretty cool looking building.  Especially since I found it from a different vantage point than normal.
 The station is currently not in use but I think there are still plans to try and restore it, which I think would be cool because it's a pretty cool looking place.
 Given the years of abandonment, I'd have to say that it looks pretty good.
 A shot of the boat house.
 From a slightly different angle.
And one more shot.

I have a little bit of warning about the shots from yesterday, they are not going to be out of order somewhat because I am posting them in the order I saw the ships.

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