Monday, December 15, 2014

Huffin and Puffin On the Maumee River

I decided to wander down to Fostoria yesterday but that meant a stop in Toledo for ships.  There were quite a few lining the Maumee River yesterday.
 First up was the saltie Lugano docked at one of the grain elevators.  She is a Swiss flagged owned by a Korean company.
 This is the Saginaw.  I saw her pass Port Huron and Marysville on Sunday.  I think she was unloading stone here.
 I found a slightly better spot for a picture but it wasn't exactly the best conditions for that.  I had to shoot over a tall chain link fence.
 The Sarah Spencer is a barge that has been in layup for a while.  Not sure what is going to happen to her.
 The Puffin is another saltie.  I think she may be loading grain.
The Paul R. Luedtke is pushing a barge with stuff from a dredging operation.

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