Sunday, December 14, 2014

Next up...the Ungainly...

I was thinking about heading down to St Clair to catch the Saginaw.  I was hoping to get a headshot there.  That plan changed as soon as I saw the Leitch was heading upbound.
 For some reason, many boatnerds do not like the Leitch.  They call her ugly, ungainly and weird.  Personally, I think all of those give her character.  She is probably one of the more unique looking ships on the Lakes.   I will admit that she has a pretty odd looking pilothouse.
 Apparently, this design allows her to carry a little bit more cargo and at the end of the day, that's the important thing.
 She shows some signs of her use but I'm pretty sure she's a pretty well maintained ship.  It seem like many of the Canadian ships look like this but it makes sense since many of them go all the way from the brackish waters of the front of the Seaway all the way to Duluth.
 In the course of those travels, they go through a number of locks which give a number of opportunities to get beat up.
 I decided to then head up to Port Huron to catch her as she entered Lake Huron.
 I love the angles you can get from the Blue Water Bridge.
 Plus you have good opportunities to get headshots.
 But sometimes, I like this angle a little better.
 It seemed like she was turning a little more than normal.
 She passes under the Blue Water Bridge.
 She leaves the St Clair River....
....and continues up Lake Huron.

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