Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Pair of Ships on the Maumee River

So I decided to head down to Fostoria again.  As I was passing through Toledo, I saw that both of the drawbridges were open.  That led me to the conclusion that a ship was going to pass through.
 I didn't see the ship that passed through because she was heading out of Toledo and there really isn't a good place for ship watching on that part of the Maumee.  But I did get to see the Birchglen unloading at one of the grain elevators.
 It's kind of cool seeing a ship getting loaded or unloaded since I don't normally get to see that part of shipping.
 Trying to get a a shot of the grain elevator.
 I would have liked this picture more if I didn't have the branch right in the middle.
 The Claude A Desgagnes has eluded this blog for a long time.  And technically, she has eluded it again, since I don't have much of a picture of her.  If had decided to stick around for a little while longer, I could have caught her as she headed out of Toledo.
 So I decided to stop at the grain elevator on the way back home.  I was hoping to catch it more or less lit up since I don't have many night time ship pictures.  Again, if I had stuck around, I could have caught her leaving Toledo.  I can almost count this as a trifecta picture though.  I have the Birchglen, an approaching train and with the contrails, there's a plane somewhere in there.
Part of me wants to learn how to do HDR.  I like the exposure of the ship on this picture and the sky in the last one.  It would be nice to combine them.  But oh well.

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