Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Perfect Ending to Steam Day

I was waffling about whether or not I wanted to do the next part but I figured this was the last weekend to catch her.
 So next, I headed up to Owosso to catch the Pere Marquette 1225.  Since I already had pictures of two other steam powered vessels, I figured a train would be a nice addition.
 I had to park a bit away though and I didn't want to miss her, so I didn't take too many pictures in Owosso.
 This time, I tried some detail shots.
 Looking forward.
 A shot of two of her drive wheels.  It's amazing just how big each of these is.
 A shot of her top.
 I love this view of a steam engine.
 Her name plate and other details.
 Another view I like.
 If you're going to get this view, make sure the train is not moving.
 A closeup of her front.
 From the other side.
 The more oblique angle.
 And I started to head back to my car.
 Then I decided to head over to the Carland elevator to catch her as she passed.
 she approaches.
 I was hoping to get more of the elevator in this shot but a car parked here at the last minue.
 But I think I got a better shot anyway.
 And she wooshes by.
 It's kind of neat.
 Then I headed to her destination of Ashley.  I got there in just enough time to catch her as she came in.  I think it made for a pretty nice picture.

 Her helper engine.  Apparently, she has no way of turning around in Ashley, so this is used to pull her back.
 They have Ashley set up as a little Christmas village, it was pretty neat.  I think next year, I might actually ride the train over here.
A Christmas wreath.

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Bob in Coweta said...

I salute you for this tribute to steam! Really great shots, worthy of competition !!