Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Mississagi Doing Something

I was going to follow the James R. Barker down to the St. Clair Power Plant (or at least to Marysville) but I ended up on a little bit of a side track.
 I caught this picture when I was at the Maritime Center to get some more coffee and a doughnut.  She is unloading stone at one of the docks in Sarnia.
 As I was heading back, I saw that she was adjusting her position.  I was hoping that she was leaving so that I could get some pictures of her in action.  As it turns out, in this instant, she was just moving docks a little bit.  But it was kind of interesting to watch because it looked like she was having a little bit of trouble doing so.
And a picture of the flags on the Maritime Center will give you an idea.  Sadly, I couldn't stick around longer because she finally did start to head up the river but I had other plans, as you will find out in the next post.

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