Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Watching the 353 Go By

I didn't really feel like doing too much yesterday because I had some catching up on posts to do, plus the past couple of days had been pretty packed.  But  I hate to waste a day off by not taking pictures, so I decided to head down to Depot Town to get some train pictures.
 First up was the Wolverine 353 Service going from Pontiac to Chicago.  It is scheduled to reach Ann Arbor around 12:17 in the afternoon which meant it will typically pass Ypsilanti about 10 minutes before that.
 But it was running about 10 minutes late yesterday, so it was a little longer than expected. 
 But it was still fun seeing it pass.
If the train got back on schedule at some point, it would hit Chicago around 4 in the afternoon, local time.

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