Saturday, December 6, 2014

And Followed Closely by her Husband

The Kaye E. Barker was followed pretty closely by the ship named after her husband.  James R. Barker is the current Chairman of the Board and President of Interlake Steamship.
 She is one of thirteen one-thousand footers that sail on the Great Lakes.  If you look at her smoke, you can see that it was quite windy today.
 I think she loaded coal in Superior, WI.  Again, she may be loaded a little more than normal.  For this set of shots, I decided to wait in my spot near the range lights.  That gives me a shot of a head shot.
 She starts to make her turn to get into the channel proper.
 Framed by the Blue Water Bridge.
 She makes a little more movement.
 You never realize just how massive these ships are until you see their profile.  I think I say this fairly often but it reminds me of the opening of Star Wars.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  That is five stories tall.  Apparently, the original plans were for her to be a classic configured laker.  As it is, she was the first thousand footer to be built entirely on the lakes.
 She slowly works her way around the bend and continues on her way.
 An almost shot of her stern.
And she continues on her way to the St Clair Power Plant where she will deliver her load of coal.

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