Monday, December 22, 2014

An Unexpected Visitor

As I was waiting for the appearance of the Block, I saw another ship approaching the channel.  I wasn't sure what ship it was but it looked vaguely familiar.
 The ship in question was the Stephen B. Roman.  I used to see her fairly often but contracts changed, so she didn't go much further than Detroit.
 It's kind of a shame because I think she is a pretty cool looking ship.
 She backs into her dock near Wendy Park.  The water was pretty smoothe and it made for some pretty cool reflections.
 She gets closer to her dock.
 A shot of the skyline in the background.
 Since I didn't really get a front shot when she came in, I had to get one here.
 Another angle.
And one more angle.  If you look behind her, you can see the railroad bridge.  Based on the proximity to the airport, this is probably my best spot to get my picture trifecta.

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