Monday, December 22, 2014

And now the Kathy Lynn

I wasn't really expecting the harbor to be all that busy.  I didn't see many ships the past few times that I visited Cleveland.  It seemed like the harbor was pretty bustling yesterday.
 Following closely behind the Roman was the tugboat Kathy Lynn pushing a barge.
 The Kathy Lynn is owned by Ryba Marine Construction out of Cheboygan, Michigan.  I may have seen her before but I'm not sure.  At any rate, a little bit of her history.
 She was built at the Decatur Iron and Steel Company of Decatur, Alabama for the US Army in 1944.  She was originally known as ST-693 which meant she was a small tug.  Eventually, she was transferred to the Corps of Engineers and renamed Wilmington.
 In 1979, she was retired from her service to her country and sold to Stevens Marine of South Carolina and renamed the Sea Islander.
 In 1992, she was sold to her current owners Ryba Marine of Cheboygan, Michigan.  She was given her current name.  She has an overall length of 85 feet and is currently powered by a Cummins Diesel Engine with 1500 horsepower.
 She made a couple of trips up and down the river as she is carrying out dredged materials.
 It was kind of cool to get a tugboat picture, since I don't get those all that often.
One more shot of her.

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