Monday, December 22, 2014

A Handful of Shots of Cleveland

As I was waiting for the Buffalo, I decided to wander around Cleveland a bit.
 I was scoping out spots to catch pictures of her.  I decided that I liked this particular view.  I realize that I'm going to have to come back when it is warmer so that I can wander around town a bit.
 An old abandoned railroad bridge.
 I kind of liked this mural.
 A view of the Cleveland Skyline from Wendy Park.
A shot of the pier light.  I think I'm also going to take one of the water tours to get a better shot.

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Kevin Hammer said...

If you go to Cleveland sometime, you might want to stop off in Bellevue, Ohio (rt. 4 exit on Ohio Turnpike). There is a big Norfolk Southern rail yard, and a train museum.