Monday, December 29, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Concordia

So I also went to the Eastern Michigan game yesterday.  They were playing Concordia and I figured I would get some good offensive shots.  Like always, I don't post all of my shots here...if you want to see more go to Eagle Totem.
 Jodan Price launching the ball towards the hoop.
 Eastern has been building this team on defense.  Here's a shot of Karrington Ward and Mike Talley during a full court press.
 Anali Okoloji working his way around the Concordia defense.
 And here drops a free throw.
 Mike Talley taking a shot at the basket.
 I believe this was a three pointer.
 Jerome Hunter for the basket.
 Anali Okoloji taking another shot.
 Karrington Ward right after a dunk.
 Raven Lee only saw the second half of the game but he still got 10 points.
Jerome Hunter on the dunk!

Eastern would cruise to a 100-42 win and look to be in pretty good shape for the MAC Season.

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