Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eastern Michigan Vs. Michigan State Basketball

I was kind of waffling about whether or not I wanted to go to East Lansing to watch Eastern Michigan play Michigan State in basketball.  Had I decided to do it sooner, I probably could have received a pass and shoot from the court.  However, I wasn't really certain until yesterday but there were tickets available, so I went.
 The Spartans play basketball in Breslin Arena which was built in 1989.  It was named after Jack Breslin who was a Michigan State alumnus, athlete and administrator.  It was his vision that led to this arena.  It has a capacity of around 15,000 people depending on the configuration.
 The view of the court from my seat.  It wasn't a bad spot for watching the game but because of the railing, it wasn't a good spot for taking pictures.  Fun fact, the court is the same court that was used in the RCA Dome when they won the National Championship in 2000.
 I tried to get a couple pictures but I didn't bring the right lens with me.  So I got some wide sweeping views of the court.  Here Raven Lee is putting up a shot.  Based on the percentages, it probably didn't go in.  Eastern shot around 24%.
 Kind of a shot of Eastern's zone.  They looked decent enough but not enough to win.
 The zone collapsing.
 Eastern would go on to lose the game 66-46.  I still think they will be fine when it comes to playing in the MAC.
 Another shot of the stadium without that cursed rail in the way.  I will have to say that Breslin was pretty nice.
A shot of the Magic Johnson statue in front of the arena.  He is a Lansing native that went to Michigan State for three years.  He was a part of the 1979 Michigan State national championship team.  He would go on to play for the Los Angleles Lakers, where he would win help them win the NBA championship 5 times.  His career was cut short when he revealed that he had the HIV virus (this leads to AIDS) in 1991.  Through the magic of drugs, he has been able to fight the virus.  He has since been a pretty strong advocate for HIV research.

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