Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Pair of Borg Ships

Next up is a pair of Borg ships.  Well at least ships that belong to Wagenborg.
 Wagenborg is a Dutch shipping company which is headquartered in Delfzijl, Netherlands.  It was founded by Egbert Wagenborg in 1889 when he used his ship to deliver wood and return to the Netherlands with peat.
 The Reestborg is one of their ships and she was built at the Ferus Smit Shipyard in Leer, Germany in 2013.
 She is 556 feet long and can carry a little over 20,000 tons of cargo.
 She is a pretty neat looking ship.
 And she has a pretty unique looking bow.  I'm not sure why it is swept forward like this.

She is on her way to Tilbury, England.

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