Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Hidden Trillium

After catching the ships, I decided to head over to the Hidden Lake Gardens to see if they had any wildflowers there.
 It wasn't particularly busy and I've been wanting to get a picture of this part of the road for a while.  The wall reminds me of something you'd find in a fantasy novel. 
 As I was about ready to get back in the car, I noticed this trillium plant.  It was kind of the side of the hill and I really had to work in order to get the picture.  I don't really like the way it turned out but I'm posting it anyway because of its difficulty.
 This flower was sitting on top of the wall.
 It turns out that I didn't need to go through the effort to get a trillium picture because as I moved through the trails, I found several stands.
 I kind of like the hint of pink in this one.
 But then again, I like this one too.
 I think this one is a violet.
 Another pink trillium.

And one more before moving on.

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