Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Mighty Drawsko

So it turns out that Sunday was going to be a day of the salties.  That's kind of what prompted me to go out because I don't think I've seen any of these before.
 The Drawsko is owned by the Polish Steamship Company out of Szcezin, Poland. 
 She was built in 2010 and is 623 feet long and can carry 30,000 tons of cargo.
 I believe she is headed to Vera Cruz, Mexico but I'm not sure what her cargo is.  I think she may have loaded it in Duluth.
 Like many foreign ships, she is not registered in the country that she is from.  In this case, she is registered in the Bahamas.
 She's a pretty neat looking ship.
 And Sunday was actually a pretty good day for boatwatching.

As of this posting, she has made her way past Quebec and is in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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