Sunday, May 21, 2017

Chasing the French

After Hidden Lake Gardens, I headed over to the airport.
 This Spirit plane was coming in for a landing and then quickly turned around to enter the pattern again.  Since I didn't have my radio on, I wasn't sure why.
 After circling around once, it came in for a landing.
 A Boeing 717 coming in for a landing.
 This 757 was coming in from one of the Florida destinations.  I think it was Orlando but I'm not sure.
 A 737 coming in from Atlanta.
 This Airbus A330 was coming in from Amsterdam.
 A Spirit A320 taking off.
 A 757 taking off.
 I think this 747 was heading for one of the Japan destinations.  Despite waiting patiently for it, I forgot I had my lens cap on my camera but I still managed to get a decent shot.
 I went back to watch the landing planes.  I caught this Spirit A319.

And the Air France A340 coming in from Paris.

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