Saturday, May 13, 2017

The BBC Thames Makes an Appearance

After work, I decided to head over to Belle Isle.  I saw that the Philip Clarke was going to make an appearance.  I believe she was heading to Detroit (probably Zug Island).
 Just before the Clarke was the BBC Thames.  This is her first appearance on this blog and it's possible that this was her first appearance on the Lakes.
 I'm pretty sure that she was heading down from Duluth but I'm not sure what she was carrying.
 And according to AIS, she's on her way to Haifa, Israel.  As I type this, she is somewhere just off the Canadian coast in the Atlantic.
 The BBC Thames was built in 2008 and is 143 meters long (roughly 465 feet).  She can carry 11,864 tons of cargo.
And she continues on her way.

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