Monday, May 29, 2017

A Trio of Ships

I ended up taking M-25 from Bay City to Port Huron.  I was hoping to catch the Callaway as she made her way down.  Sadly, that didn't work out as she was pretty close to Algonac by the time I hit Port Huron.
 As I was heading down M-25, I looked out at Lake Huron and I saw a pair of ships working their way up.  The first was the Mississagi.
 She was followed pretty closely by the Algoma Enterprise.
As I was passing through Port Huron, I saw this ship as she was unloading in Sarnia.  I think she is the Esta Desgagnes based on looking at MarineTraffic.  Evidently this is the Bro Alma.

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Pater said...

I thought I felt the force in Bay City.