Saturday, November 12, 2011

Buffalo Bulls Vs. EMU - The Game

The game started.  Buffalo went three and out to start the game and then EMU took the field.  For a better recap of the game, go here.
Alex Gillett running with the ball.  He had a pretty good game today.  He ran the ball a bunch of times and surprisingly, he passed quite a few times too.  I think he threw 4 touchdown passes.
Nick Olds trying to catch the ball in the endzone but the defender was able to put enough of a touch to keep that from happening.  EMU had to settle for a field goal at this point.
The crowd cheering after the field goal.  The student section seemed exceptionally loud today.
The Buffalo quarterback running with the ball.  He seemed fairly effective.
The Buffalo quarterback getting sacked by an Eastern player I can't figure out.  This happened quite a bit today.
Dominique White running with the ball.  If Eastern doesn't win their next two games and misses out on a bowl game, I think they have a shot for next year as all three running backs are Juniors and Sophomores.  This picture also shows why it is sometimes not fun taking pictures from anyplace duirng the game.  Just when you think you've got a good shot, someone gets in the way.
Javonti Greene running with the ball.
Another shot of Javonti Greene running.
And another shot.
Probably my favorite shot.  The trenches.
A shot of the trenches with Buffalo and the ball.  You can see the Eastern defense about ready to pounce.
The band at halftime.

A shot of some of the ROTC cadets with the eagle.  I will have more pictures of the eagle later.
Greene Running with the ball.
Reed breaking a tackle after getting the pass from Gillett.  He could go....
...all the way.  He shook the tackle and was able to run into the endzone.
The celebration afterwards.
The Buffalo Running Back taking the ball.
Another Eastern player finds the endzone.
One of the Buffalo Wide Receivers after the catch.
Greene with the ball again.
Garrett Hoskins as he about to catch another touchdown.   EMU would keep the lead after this one.
The Student section cheering again.
Another sack.
Greene with the ball again.
The Buffalo quarterback down again.
Another shot of Greene
And my favorite formation...the victory formation.

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