Sunday, November 27, 2011

More from the Detroit Zoo

It was a nice enough day yesterday, so I decided to head over to the Zoo.  I was gonna stay home and watch the Michigan game but I don't think we're going to have too many more nice days.  Besides, that's what radios are for.  Plus, I hadn't been to the Zoo in a while.
This was one of the flowers in their flower gardens.  I think they try to keep different seasonal flowers.
I believe this is a vulture.
One of the polar bears.  I think I say this every time but I'll say it again.  Detroit has an awesome polar bear exhibit.  It's pretty spacious so it can be difficult to see one of the bears but when you do, it's pretty cool.
This was one of the other bears.
This was a new bear that came from Pittsburgh.  Evidently, he's never been on grass before, so he was just loving it.  I got to watch him as he was attacking some sort of floating toy.  I was thinking that I would hate to be on his business end.
This is another polar bear.
That one polar bear taking a little break.
And then he was rubbing himself in the grass.
This one was shaking his head back and forth, I wonder if it was so that he could get a sniff of something.
The bald eagle.
A closeup of the eagle.

The younger eagle.  It looks he's starting to get his white head.
The pair of eagles.
One of the deer.
I believe that this is an elk.
One of the prairie dogs.  I love the Detroit Zoo's prairie dog enclosure too.
A bison.
One of the kangaroos.  They have a pretty nice kangaroo enclosure.  You can walk around inside it.
I think this is another type of kangaroo.
The bear sleeping.
I'm not sure what kind of animal this is.
The giraffe.
A closeup of one of the zebras.
I think this was the zebra that was born this year.
A rhino.
A pair of monkeys.
With the completion of the lion enclosure, the Detroit Zoo has a pretty cool lion enclosure as well.  It's not quite as nice as the one I saw in Denver, but pretty close.
A closeup of that lion.
One of the other lionesses.
Some flamingos.
The tiger with his eyes open.
And back to sleep.
One of the camels.
Unfortunately, the river otters were sleeping.  I like to watch them.

And where are the wolverines, you ask?  Just wait.

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