Wednesday, November 23, 2011

EMU vs. Rochester - The Game

So here are some shots from the game itself.  This was my third game shooting from the court this year.  I actually felt a little more comfortable doing this tonight.  Things seemed to flow a little better for me and I was able to anticipate things a little better.  After the last game, I decided that I would shot with the smaller focal length and crop if necessary.  I think that helped quite a bit.
The jump ball.  Eastern won that.
J.R. Sims taking a free thrown.  He seemed pretty good at this.
One of the Rochester players being defended by Darrell Lampley.  Eastern seemed to be clicking on defense tonight.
Darrell Lampley about ready to charge the basket.
Jamell Harris taking a shot at the basket.
Antoine Chandler trying to get a layup.
Lampley heading for the bucket.
J.R. Sims right after he launched a three point attempt.  It went in.
J.R. Sims charging the basket.
Antonio Green taking a shot.  It's sad that there isn't a player on the basketball team with the last name of White and then it would also have a Green and White combination.
Matt Balkema taking a shot at the basket.  He seemed to look more like the big guy tonight.
Sims taking another three pointer.  I don't remember if this went in or not.
Austin Harper at the basket.
Balkema taking another shot.
Lampley charging the basket again.
Sims with another layup.
Lampley taking a layup.
Antonio Green with another shot.

I was much happier with my shots tonight.  I think I got some nice ones although I think I need to find a noise reduction program.

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