Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Stephen B. Roman on the Detroit River

So the ship I ended up seeing coming down the river was the Stephen B. Roman.  She has appeared on this blog repeatedly because she often calls on the cement plant in Essexville.  I thought it would be cool to catch it from a different angle and underway.
Here is a shot as she passes by the Ren Cen.
After she's passed the Ren Cen and heads towards the channel.
As she approaches the Ambassador Bridge.
The Wescott pulling up to her.
The Westcott staring to pull away.
As she passes by the Ambassador Bridge.
A shot of the pilothouse.
As she passed the park, she started to turn around because she was docking in Windsor.
I rarely get a direct shot of a ships stern.
As she is almost turned around.
Pulling into the dock.
And docked.  This is the second time that I've gotten to see a ship turn around on the river.  I'll have to admit it was pretty cool watch.

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