Friday, November 4, 2011

An Evening at Gallup Park

One of my favorite places in Ann Arbor is Gallup Park.  I haven't been there in a while, so  I decided to stop there after work.  Unfortunately, I only had about a half hour of light or so.  That is the sucky part about this time of year.  However, the light I did have was pretty nice.
One of the trees in the park is still in its full fall glory.
A closeup shot of some of the leaves.  I kind of like how this one turned out for me.
I was taking pictures of the various birds and this duck seemed to pose for me.
Another duck.  I kind of liked how the reflection turned out.
A female mallard.  Unfortunately, she's a little blurry but I did like how the light shined off her.
The swans were looking particularly beautiful.
As I was crossing one of the bridges, this swan passed right under me.  I kind of liked the odd angle it presented.  I tried to get a shot of a duck like this but it was too blurry.
I'm not sure what kind of duck this is but I like his color pattern.
I think this is a younger swan.
A gray goose.
A closeup of one of the swans.
Another swan.
Another shot of the younger swan.

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